Stress: It’s not just in your head!

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Stress isn’t just a perception. It’s something that actually, physically affects you.  In the last year, I myself went through a stress-induced depression, and then I watched as my husband experienced the same thing, a few months later.  I used to think stress was all mental; then I had round after round of physical ailments, and I realized – stress can deeply affect your physical well-being.

Your body’s reaction to stress is chemical: cortisol and epinephrine are released into your system.  This uses your energy and makes you feel exhausted.  It can give you ulcers or other digestive issues.  Stress increases your chance of getting a disease, and, I can tell you from personal experience, can lead to depression.

Kids have stress too.  Many issues kids are dealing with are different than what others have dealt with in the past, but their issues should not be discounted.  Do you remember what it felt like to go to school and be ignored by friends?  Or, how it felt when you misbehaved and got yelled at in front of your 25 classmates?  What about when your mom took away the iPad?  (Just Kidding!)

Kids and adults alike wish they we were feeling better, when they are sick, poorly fed, or otherwise experiencing bad health.  Bad health automatically means, stress. And, we are physically and mentally less able to take on life and work.  Being slowed down and even, incapacitated by poor health, adds to the stress level that you’re already experiencing.

Seriously, everyone experiences unwanted and unforeseen changes and circumstances– so we all endure stress at one time or another.  Stress is an unfortunate but constant part of life.  That doesn’t mean that we have to let it rule us.  We do have some control!

Start to stress less: First, you should realize this: no one ever “has” time.  You have to make time for what’s important.  You deserve happiness, and your family deserves time with you.  I have a list of priorities that I always go to:

#1 Your health.  If you’re dead you can’t enjoy life.  Nor can you work.  End of story.  Similarly, if you’re very ill, you can’t enjoy life, or work, so stop imagining that somehow your health is not that important!  Taking care of your health – and that includes your stress level! – is number one.

#2 Your liberty.  If you’re in the United States and not reading this from prison (or maybe, this is more pertinent if you are!), you should value your liberty.  If you’re locked up in jail, or are otherwise restricted or detained, you can’t enjoy your life, and likely, you can’t work either.  If you’re in prison, your health is also threatened.  And, legal issues also affect your finances, which is my third priority.

#3 Your financial health.  I’m not saying, by any means, that you must be rich.  What I’m saying is, if you’re taking care of #1 and #2, you are in the place to put importance on your finances.  In other words, do not sacrifice #1 OR #2 for money!  Don’t do it!!  Yes, having a source of income is important – but not so important that you give up #1 or #2.  And, not just spending – but the job, commute, and pay rate you choose to stick with are the very decisions I’m referring to!

Exercise is a proven stress-reducer, by itself.  If you consider that exercising makes us feel better, that’s another one.  And it makes us feel like we’re better-looking – yet another!  It increases our mobility, physically and mentally… wow, this is adding up….  Oh – and it helps us have better sleep.  Holy crap!  Exercise is sooo important to priority number one!  I could go on and on.  (I did actually but I edited it down, just for you, because you’re smart and you get the point!)

Adults and kids both need exercise and we at TNT have what you need.  Most of you readers fall into the former category, and if you’re reading this, you likely have already started coming to our boot camp, and reducing your stress while increasing your health.  Well, I have awesome news for the children you know and love – TNT is starting an amazing and fun kids’ fitness program, starting summer 2015!

My testimonial: Tavis, Taylor, Samantha and the crew are absolutely marvelous coaches to children (my son has been in their Taekwondo classes for almost two years and I’m tearing up just thinking about the progress he’s made thanks to them!!) so I can say with all of my heart that this program is going to rock!  They’ll teach kids how to exercise, they’ll instruct them on their form, giving them information they will use their whole, healthy lives!  And, there will be sports days where the kids can run out some of that energy and practice a skill all at once!

So, if you’re not already in Boot Camp, and/or you’re interested in the Kids fitness program, give us a call or stop by today!!  We are so excited to see your whole family!

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